PCAN Preston Christian Action Network

History of PCAN

Preston Christian Action Network is a  network of churches and Christian social action projects in the city. Our aims are

  • to develop and encourage good practice in Christian social action and urban ministry,
  • share expertise, information and resources
  • promote the church's contribution in community welfare to the authorities and the general public
  • get more Christians involved in prayer and practical action for the needs of people in our city

PCAN began in 2003 when Christian leaders in Preston became concerned that churches in the city were not sharing information and starting new social action minisitries in an unco-ordinated way.

We produced a directory and resources for Christian Social Action and held a launch event with guest speaker Bob Holman. The following year we invite Steve Chalke of Faithworks to speak to a packed public gathering in preston Minster. In subsequent years we have convened conferences and seminars on migrant workers, Christians in politics, frontier youth work and homelessness.

PCAN seeks to be a light touch network organisation offering a generous and open table to Christians across all the denominations and church traditions in Preston, South Ribble and the surrounding areas. Our concern is the advancement of the Kingdom of God especially among people and communities that face poverty, deprivation and social exclusion.

Our latest stage began in 2010 when we were contacted by the Church Urban Fund who are concerned and funded to develop strong local support networks involving projects, churches and activists in cities and deprived  communities.

We have drawn together people  for regular meetings through which we seek to identify and support ministries and projects which help Christians to work togehter to tackle poverty in our city. Various working groups on particular issues have also emerged.

Since the spring of 2012 we have become an local cluster for work through Together Lancashire

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